Boyd & Associates Means Total Security

Since 1967, Boyd & Associates has been providing total security for homes, businesses and communities of every size and type. We combine advanced systems, responsive service and rigorously trained security teams to create a strong, nimble and formidable force that deters, detects and responds – for total security.


As a family operated business, we take our responsibility for securing your home very seriously. Which is why we provide a range of services, systems and teams that when combined, creates a security solution that’s reliable, responsive and commanding.


With a level of protection that few firms can match, our advanced systems, reliable services and highly qualified team work together to deter, monitor, detect and respond, giving you the confidence you need to focus on day-to-day business and its future.


Our security programs for HOAs provide high levels of protection, enforcement, assistance and deterrence. We achieve this through advanced security measures using technology, professional security personnel and responsive services. The result is a cohesive solution and a unified force of security for your community.