Since 1967, Boyd & Associates has been providing total security for businesses of every size and type. We combine advanced systems and response service to create a strong, nimble and formidable force for your business and it’s security. Our user-friendly alarm systems, courteous and highly trained patrol officers work seamlessly with your organization. In the event of an emergency, our central monitoring station responds instantly, dispatching our patrol units, local law enforcement or fire units. In addition, alarm monitoring and video surveillance for added security measures for employee theft, loss prevention and after-hours protection.

Total Security for Total Peace of Mind

Alarm Systems
We design systems for what you need, whether it’s monitoring doors in your house, testing the air for smoke and dangerous gasses or alerting authorities in case of medical emergencies.

24/7 Monitoring
Monitoring your system from our central station, our team provides 24/7 protection, verifying alarms, instantly responding and dispatching our armed patrol units as well as local law enforcement and emergency crews.

Patrol Response
From verifying false alarms to dispatching local law enforcement in cases of actual emergencies, our patrol units provide high-priority service and quick response that you can depend on, while saving you from added fees and hassles from false alarms.

Video Surveillance
If you want to keep watch of your home while at work or away, our home video security solutions provide live-streaming and recordable video feeds, generated by interactive video monitoring systems, digital recorders and accessories.

Expert Installation
Our highly-skilled and experienced technicians go to great lengths to deliver state-of-the-art security performance, discreetly placing alarm system devises where they blend in with the décor of your home, while providing easy access and usability.