Home Alarm Monitoring

Your 24/7 Eye In The Sky

Installing a security or fire system involves more than the presence of an alarm. After installation, we take the next step toward comprehensively safeguarding your property by providing alarm monitoring. A monitored alarm means that trained professionals are standing by at the central station facility, ready to respond to your signal and quickly alert law enforcement in the event of an alarm.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

If any monitored window or door is breached while the home alarm system is armed, the alert will sound and a signal sent to our monitoring center right away. You’ll get a phone call within seconds from a highly trained Central Station operator who can quickly assess your situation and dispatch the police if needed.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring
Monitoring Station

Fire Alarm Monitoring

People have to sleep. Your security system doesn’t. Our UL Listed Monitoring Station is on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week, ensuring your safety, even when you’re not at home. You don’t even need a traditional phone line. Monitored fire alarm systems from Boyd & Associates have a built-in cellular connection with a backup battery, so even if the power goes out – your home and family are still protected against the dangers of fire & smoke and CO.

Emergency Alarm Response

We began over 50 years ago as a patrol and investigations company and now average hundreds of responses per month to locations throughout Southern California. If the alarm is activated in your home or business, professionally trained officers will respond quickly.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Too often, it’s easy to overlook one of the most dangerous killers of all within the home – carbon monoxide (CO). It’s an odorless, colorless gas that can emit from a cracked gas line and take the lives of your family within minutes. Boyd & Associates install CO detectors and monitors for this deadly gas around the clock sending help on your behalf if a CO alarm is triggered.

CO Detectors


“I just recently had a residential security system installed by Boyd & Associates in Ventura. I looked into different companies and Boyd (previously Draganchuk) were very helpful through the process of customizing a system that works for me. I think the level of Service is great and a good value for the price.”

Ventura CA

“Boyd & Associates went beyond our expectations installing a state of the art  alarm and surveillance system. The coverage is excellent, and very user friendly. Hank our Sales Consultant was very knowledgeable and planned out an excellent system.  John and Ray the installers were obviously very experienced and installed the equipment quickly and the devices were placed in just the right locations. We highly recommend this Company to homeowners wanting a Business they can trust and be comfortable with.”

Ventura CA

“We moved into a new office space and discovered some of the security equipment left behind by a prior tenant. Called Boyd & Associates and met with AL Felix who did a great job walking me through what was needed get the system back up and running. Called him again for a second location and again he was courteous and professional as was Sean who installed a new system. Definitely recommended.”

Camarillo, CA