Smart Energy Management

Lights, Thermostats & Mobile Control

Brilliant Home Home Automation

With the mobile control app from Boyd Security, you can turn lights on or off, and control z-wave connected thermostats via or your smart device or color touch screen keypad.

Smart Lighting For Busy Families

Soccer practice, homework, parent-teacher meetings, play dates and birthdays. The list of to-dos goes on and on. It’s easy to forget to turn off the lights, or turn them on when it’s needed most. Like when you arrive home – or in the middle of the night when you’re trekking across the playroom on the way to the fridge. Automated lighting can trigger when motion is detected in a certain room or when your smart device is detected within a 2-mile radius of your home.

Smart Energy Savings For Professionals

You’re connected to your work. The office, meetings, trade shows and other events take you away from home on a regular basis. With smart energy management and home automation from Boyd Security, you can automate your home energy consumption with automated schedules and smart motion detection, so your home automatically knows when to turn the AC up or down.

Professional Installation

The professionals at Boyd & Associates have the expertise and friendly, local service to make the installation and enjoyment of your new home automation system a magical experience – now and into the future. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Smart Home Apps From Boyd & Associates

Smart Apps

Easily connect to Alexa, Nest, Google Home and many other smart home apps.

Energy Management

Modern Z-Wave devices integrate seamlessly with your security system.

Smart Locks

Control & monitor access to exterior & interior doors, and garage doors.

Smart Video

Stay connected to what matters most, even when you are not at home.