Smart Locks For Your Home

Interior, Exterior, & Garage Door Control

Complete Virtual & Visual Control

One of the most common tactics intruders use is knocking at the door to see if the home is occupied. Now you can stop intruders in their tracks. See who is at your door and answer it from anywhere, anytime, and always appear home.

  • Lock & Unlock

    Swipe, Tap, Lock or View.

  • Instant Alerts

    Know Which Door Was Opened & When.

  • Set Schedules

    Lock The Door At 9PM. Or Whenever.

  • Garage Door Control

    Open, close, and monitor garage doors.

Electronic Door Locks

With an electronic smart lock installed by Boyd & Associates, you can truly take control of your home’s entry points. Keyless entry with a 4 digit PIN means you’ll never have to worry about losing keys or turning off the car to get back in the house. Locks can include a key slot for added ease and peace of mind. With your smartphone app for iPhone or Android you can remotely lock and unlock your doors on-demand or on a schedule.

The Garage Door, Reinvented.

Keeping the garage door secure is absolutely essential to keeping your home secure. Smart garage doors significantly enhance your security by eliminating the problem of the forgotten open doors and intrusion by allowing you to open and close the garage door from your smartphone, tablet or the touchscreen keypad.

Your system can also send text alerts or app notifications if the garage door has been left open by mistake.

Professional Installation

The professionals at Boyd & Associates have the expertise and friendly, local service to make the installation and enjoyment of your new home automation system a magical experience – now and into the future. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Smart Home Apps From Boyd & Associates

Smart Apps

Easily connect to Alexa, Nest, Google Home and many other smart home apps.

Energy Management

Modern Z-Wave devices integrate seamlessly with your security system.

Smart Locks

Control & monitor access to exterior & interior doors, and garage doors.

Smart Video

Stay connected to what matters most, even when you are not at home.