Smart Home Apps

Total Lifestyle Control & Convenience

Connect Your Security System To Your Favorite Smart Devices

  • Connect To Alexa & More

  • Control Lights & Thermostats

  • View Live Video

  • Lock & Unlock Doors

  • Arm & Disarm Security

  • Alerts & Notifications

Use Your Voice To Control The Elements

What do you get when you pair the most intuitive command panel with Amazon Echo or Google Home? A house that listens to your every command. Amazon Echo uses Alexa technology which enables it to perform over 3,000 skills and when integrated with our state-of-the-art control panel, can lock doors, close your garage, control lights, and arm your system at the sound of your command.

Smart Location Services Built In

Imagine coming home and having a fresh pot of coffee ready for you in the afternoon, or having the TV automatically on with your favorite shows playing. Something as simple as having the lights turn on in the house upon your arrival makes life much easier. It’s the simple things that matter.

The App To Watch

Home automation has been around for a few years – and now it’s on your wrist. Our Home Automation App is available on Apple Watch and comes packed with many of the same home automation features that are available on your smartphone or tablet.

You can even view live video and control your security system right from your Apple TV.

Smart Home Apps From Boyd & Associates

Smart Apps

Easily connect to Alexa, Nest, Google Home and many other smart home apps.

Energy Management

Modern Z-Wave devices integrate seamlessly with your security system.

Smart Locks

Control & monitor access to exterior & interior doors, and garage doors.

Smart Video

Stay connected to what matters most, even when you are not at home.