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Perks of Installing a Home Security System

When homeowners think about security systems or devices, they usually think about what those systems can protect — their homes, their valuables, and their safety. Sure, that is the main function of a security setup, but there are a lot of additional benefits you may not know about. Here are the other perks when installing […]

How To Talk With Your Teen About the Home Security System

Here are some ways your home security system can be your “best friend” (or at the very least, an ally) for parenting teenagers.

Protecting Your Home While Remodeling

While your home is being renovated, you have contractors and suppliers coming and going, which means your home is frequently unsecured. Is it being exposed to potential theft and vandalism?

Catch Me If You Can: Inside The Mind Of A Burglar

What was that con man thinking? Here’s a glimpse into the mind of a burglar.

Why HD Smart Cameras Are The Best Choice In Home Security

For more about high definition security cameras with 24/7 monitoring, call Boyd Security today to learn how we implement surveillance cameras to protect your family and your home.

Home Fire Safety Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are a time to enjoy family and take a relaxing break from work. They’re also a time to be vigilant about the increased chance of a household fire.