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Do Home Surveillance Cameras Really Deter Crime?

Home surveillance cameras can deter crime, but no system is 100% failproof. A thief may still steal from your home if they don’t notice the camera or see it there but take the risk anyway. But home security cameras represent a multi-billion-dollar industry and the stats show why.

An estimated 1,401,840 home burglaries occurred in 2017, based on data in the 2017 FBI Uniform Crime Report.

There is a great deal of evidence that security cameras deter burglars. Some of the reports that indicate they do include:

  • University of North Carolina’s Department of Justice and Criminology: Of a pool of convicted burglars, 60% said they would start by looking for surveillance cameras; 40% said they’d find another target if cameras were present.


  • Electronic Security Association: Data collected from burglars suggest they’d abandon a break-in attempt if there were outdoor cameras, alarms, signs for alarms, or dogs inside a home, among other signs of security at a target property.


  • American Management Association: Its Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance report revealed that 82% of managers use some form of electronic monitoring, including security cameras, to protect the workplace against external and internal threats.

How to Boost the Effectiveness of Home Surveillance Cameras

To increase its effectiveness, a security camera must be properly set up. There are things you can do to decrease security risks or if you had a break-in and a surveillance camera was already installed in your home. First, enable push notifications, so you’ll receive instant alerts of any security issue. Also, check if your security system has motion detection recording and make sure this feature is working. Adjusting the sensitivity of motion sensing systems can boost your security as well.

Check the locations of your home surveillance cameras. There should be cameras at every main entrance and near windows or back doors a burglar might use to enter.

Home Surveillance Cameras Work

Law enforcement professionals agree that security cameras are a great way to deter crime. They can provide direct evidence of burglaries, vandalism, and armed robberies as well as employee theft, not to mention more serious offenses like murder. Cameras can deter both external and internal crime, so are effective whether installed outside a building or, for example, inside offices and building common areas.

Modern security camera systems can be connected to a network. If someone breaks into your home and you are away, you can receive an alert on your smartphone from the connected camera. You’ll also have footage of the event, which provides direct evidence of the incident that police can use.

In addition to crime deterrence and the evidence they provide, home surveillance cameras have other benefits. You may get a discount from an insurance company or homeowner’s association by installing one. A camera can also help prevent the theft of packages delivered to your front door. If you can prove theft occurred, you can be more likely to receive a refund or replacement for the stolen item.

Improve Home Security with Boyd & Associates

Video surveillance and other security solutions are available from Boyd & Associates. Our advanced systems include video analytics software that provides automatic alerts. Records of video footage can be searched, while live video can be seen and managed remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or web browser. For improved home security, we also provide advanced burglar alarm systems, alarm monitoring, and patrol and security services. To learn more about our solutions, call us at 805-321-6664.

Does a Doorbell Camera Make Your Home Safer?

Got a new DIY Nest or ring doorbell camera for Christmas? Doorbell cameras are available to every homeowner. You can view live video from your front door without being home. Catch a live video feed via your smartphone app as soon as someone rings the doorbell. But does a standard doorbell camera actually make your home safer?


To answer that question, let’s look at what a smart video doorbell does. The features vary depending on the model. But the basic concept is sort of like a high-tech peephole. Instead of getting up off the couch when the doorbell rings, you can just check your phone to see who is at the door. It could be a visitor you’re expecting or your latest Amazon order.


There are various types of video doorbells on the market. Some switch on when a visitor presses the button, sending a photo or live video to a special screen or tablet. Higher-end models include a smartphone app that delivers video to wherever you are in the world. You might even be able to communicate with visitors via audio.


Doorbell cameras are convenient for anyone who works late or spends a lot of time traveling. You can see when a plumber, electrician, or other service professional arrives, or if the dog walker or babysitter is on time. If you’re home and can’t get to the door quickly, a two-way doorbell camera can let your car service or food delivery know you’re there instead of leaving.


How Much Security Does a Doorbell Camera Provide?


It also depends on the model. Some cameras are linked to electronic door locks to create security-enabled smart home systems. You can let in a service provider if you’re not home or tell delivery personnel to leave the package at your front door. Other models have built-in motion sensors and send you an image or video of who is there.


A Wi-Fi connection has many benefits, but there are cons as well. If the video doorbell isn’t in range of your home router, the signal may be weak and unreliable. Also, metal, fiberboard, plaster, and other materials used for exterior walls can weaken or block Wi-Fi signals. If the signal is weak, you’re not going to get much out of your video doorbell.


Doorbell cameras can catch criminals in the act, whether they’re swiping your delivery or trying to break into your home. High definition video cameras can pin down an event to the day and time an event occurred, while their sensitivity can be adjusted so they’re not triggered by wind-blown tree branches. Some cameras even have night vision, so you remain protected well after the sun goes down.


Are Doorbell Cameras Enough?


Unfortunately, the benefits of a doorbell camera are limited to your access to images or video feeds. A professional security company can help maximize your protection by having central station operators assess your home’s security situation when an alarm is triggered. They can see all live video and recorded clips transmitted by the camera.


At Boyd & Associates, we can provide outdoor cameras for exterior entryways, driveways, pool decks, and patios. We even install cameras in locations that provide the best angles and that don’t impose on the aesthetics of your home exterior. Interior camera systems can be installed as well. In addition, we can connect camera systems to smart locks as well as Google Home, Nest, Alexa, and other smart home apps.


To learn more or schedule installation, contact Boyd & Associates at 888-907-1659 today.