Pet Safety Tips

Those of us who have pets know they are a part of our families. We love our pets and some of us even think of them as our own furry children. We buy them special food so they can live a full and healthy life, we spoil them with treats and toys, and we adjust our routines to ensure they get the exercise and love they deserve. If anything were to happen to one of our beloved pets, we would be completely devastated.

For individuals who may be single or who have not yet started a family, security may not be something pressing on their minds. They go to work, come home, and don’t need to think about if their little children are lying in their beds safely. However, most people—whether single, married, or with children—have pets. The number of pictures and stories we all tend to share at the office among co-workers, or with friends and family at get-togethers, reveal how much we think about and adore our furry family members.

Why is Pet Security Important?

While we all know that the love of our pets is something we cherish, you may be wondering why you should go the extra step to look into home security options. One reason is when you install a home alarm, smoke detectors and/or security cameras, it removes some of the anxiety associated with worrying about your pets. Amazingly, there are smart security systems that virtually remove the weight of worry. By simply looking at your phone, you can see any suspicious activity going on around or in your home.

Caring for your pets goes beyond merely feeding them and providing them with a place to sleep at night. Caring for your pets entails so much more. They need love, attention, regular exercise, and a safe environment to live in. Keeping them secure should be one of our top priorities when we think about the essentials of raising happy and healthy fur babies.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe 

1. Ask a Neighbor You Can Depend on to Help

​In addition to having a surveillance camera installed, a trusted neighbor will also be immensely helpful if something were to go wrong. If your system sends you an alert, you can ask your neighbor to run over and check to see if everything is fine. They will be able to see if your pets need any immediate assistance.

2. Monitor Your Home Temperature

When you leave for work every morning make sure you set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. This will enable your pets to be able to rest and play in comfort.

3. Install an Alarm with Pet-Smart Sensors

Installing a pet door can be a great idea. It is an easy way for your pets to escape in case of a fire. However, you will need to make sure the sensors installed are pet smart. Meaning, they can distinguish between a pet wandering around the house and a burglar breaking into your home.

4. Install Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

All homes are required to have smoke detectors, however, if a fire were to occur someone in the house would need to call 911 and make sure everyone gets out safely. If your pet is home alone and your carbon monoxide or smoke detectors go off, your pets will not be able to get the help they need. Have equipment installed that will send you a notification and call emergency services for you.

5. Buy a GPS Device for Your Pet’s Collar

Most pets either tend to hide or run when they are scared. If your pet has a difficult time being home alone, purchasing a small GPS device that latches onto his or her collar could be a great option. You will be able to see where they are and if they are safe at any time of the day just by checking your phone.


Boyd & Associates Can Help

​If you are on the fence or just curious to know your options, you can always call and speak to one of our representatives to go over what is currently on the market and what everything will cost. If you want to gather some more information before physically picking up the phone to inquire about a security system, we encourage you to consider some of the additional options we have provided for you in this post.