How To Talk With Your Teen About the Home Security System

These days, many parents feel that technology is their worst enemy when it comes to parenting their kids. But when it comes to the home security system, parents have an opportunity to make technology work in their favor. Here are some ways your home security system can be your “best friend” (or at the very least, an ally) for parenting teenagers.


Teenagers love gadgets, and not just because they’re fun to play with. Many times, teens are also motivated to use technology by the feeling of empowerment that comes with learning a new gadget.

For that reason, learning how to operate the wall panel of the home security system can do this for them. And if you have upgraded to home control, they can gain even more confidence by learning how to secure your home from their smartphone. See what we mean by making technology your friend?


Unfortunately, being a teenager is not synonymous with having great judgment. You may think your child would never let a threatening person in the house – but remember, not all threats appear that way at first. Even if you aren’t concerned that your teen is at risk of letting a dangerous individual into your home, it’s important to teach them about the duress code on your system. By entering that four-digit code, he or she can silently activate this panic alert the moment a visit inside the home becomes threatening. And if the intruder demands for the system to be disarmed, your teen can claim to be disarming the system with the phone while actually entering the duress code, secretly sending a signal to the monitoring center.


If you own a home security system, then teaching your teens how to operate it and use it to their advantage should be a regular part of family life. Just by investing in a home security system, you’ve already done the “hard” part; showing them how to use it can actually be the fun part. You may be impressed by how eager your teen is to learn about operating the system, especially if they are interested enough to ask questions. Teaching your teen about home security tools is one more way to help them become well-informed, streetwise adults.


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